Reading by U Sam Oeur on April 10

“Sacred Vows,” a bilingual reading in Khmer and English by U Sam Oeur, will be held Tues., April 10, 2007, at 3:30 p.m. in Kuykendall 410, on the UH-Manoa Campus.

U Sam Oeur grew up in a Cambodian farming family. After studying in the U.S., he served in the Cambodian government. When Pol Pot assumed power in 1975, U Sam Oeur, along with his wife and son, survived the killing fields in six forced-labor camps by feigning illiteracy.

His highly acclaimed book of poetry, Sacred Vows, recalls the terror of those years and the beauty of Cambodia’s resilient culture. U Sam Oeur’s reading style is mesmerizing, emotionally charged, and operatic, combining song and chant and a full range of tones.

This event is sponsored by UHM Center for Southeast Asian Studies, TinFish, MANOA, Manoa Foundation, and UHM Dept. of English.

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